Freedom. We all love the word. That interest has brought you here as well. But loving the word doesn't mean loving the thing.

Freedom is associated with doing what you want. But do you always and ever realise what exactly you want?

Even the want word may be understood differently.

Wish is directed towards what you want to achieve, gain or deploy. It's the shape of the world which would be most to our current liking.

Desire is what we want to fulfill to easen it. It's the shape of ourselves in which we feel satisfied, not burning.

Our wishes grow from our desires, principles, fears and beliefs. Our desires root in our physical conditions, social expectations and smth else maybe.

The accompany and sometimes the competitor of the "want" is "need". Now. Is freedom about being able to do what you need? To fulfill your necessities without a forced obstacle? That fits. Now... can it be called freedom if you can do what you want yet can't do what you need? Weird if it's put this way, right?

And what about wishes? What's more free: immediate yet temporary satisfaction or a satisfying long-term life change?

Inner freedom, based on this logic, is being free from your enslaving desires.

and smth else

If you observe yourself, you might eventually find out that your needs, desires and wishes interweave. As plants choke each other on a small ground patch, so do these. The following helps in sorting the things out in order to gain freedom.

  • Separate your desires from your needs. To know your needs, start with seeking the proven medical facts on healthy living: sleep, movement, nutricity, stress relief. You'll immediately stalk some contradicting desires. Continue with getting to know yourself and your talents, so that you know the needs of your heart.
  • Separate your wishes from your desires. Ask yourself questions and dig to the roots with them. "Do I wish for the outcome of this?" being the most important one.
  • Set clearer goals before you and research and purge the desires behind them. Some of the goals may wanish after you discover their irrational basis.
  • Stay calm and patient on your progress. Being strict to yourself is not the same as hating yourself. With some experience in untwining your inner motives, you'll notice a lot of other intermixed concepts to split and cleanse, like this one!
  • On a certain point, however, you'll come to a limit of awareness about both your desires and ridding of them. When it happens... seek. Seek until you find a narrow way among everything else. Nothing else will be said, as you should find it yourself.
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